energy positive architecture

"Green building" is not a fashionable option

P O S I T I V A R C H I is committed to eco friendly construction by conviction and engaged in projects of energy providing architecture and urban design since 2005. 

Architecture as a solution

Architecture is one of the answer to our urgent need for clean power production. Not only can P O S I T I V A R C H I  design your project to save energy, preserve its environment and promote local development, but it can also transform it into an energy generating facility.

Imagine every new commercial façade or industrial roof producing electricity from free sources like the sun or winds, and you have a solution for your project and for our planet.

Sustainable energy

Let's be clear here. Any source of power demanding the destruction of natural reserves or leaving behind polluted wastes for future generations, is not a sustainable clean energy provider. P O S I T I V A R C H I  focuses on building projects with green sources of energy (i.e. photovoltaic cell and pv glass, wind turbine, biomass gas), and managing natural resources like rain water.

Self sufficiency

With nowadays technologies P O S I T I V A R C H I will design your house in its remote location so that it isn't fed by the grid, and can rely on its environment only to provide for all it needs. And maybe more, if  you want to share...