energy positive architecture

Comprehensive services

P O S I T I V A R C H I offers you architectural services and energetic intelligence. 

From your idea to your ideal

P O S I T I V A R C H I  will understand the essence of your vision and  assist you in building it. From the first sketches P O S I T I VA R C H I will bring its knowledge to set your project at best in its environments,studying for you the most valuable investment. Computer aided design and physical models will give you a feel for the space you create.

 P O S I T I V A R C H I expertise in renewable energy will show you how you can produce your own energy with your buildings, how much it cost, how much it pays back!

Eco-friendly construction & management

Once P O S I T I V A R C H I will have presented lively 3D rendering of your project and delivered the plans for council submission, you will not be left alone. P O S I T I V A R C H I really wants its realisations to be clean and bring more life where they are built. So materials will be checked out carefully for their carbon footprint, site supervision will include environmental and social concern. P O S I T I V A R C H I will draw with you the targets for your project efficiency and sustainability, in a global vision of fair ethics for the best result.

A web of conscientiousness

P O S I T I V A R C H I considers it as its duty to select for you the best professionals working in all the specialities associated in architecture in respect with the environment. And wherever your project will be located in the world P O S I T I V A R C H I will source as much as feasable local products and competence, and promote fair trade and exchange of skills.