energy positive architecture

Commercial efficiency

A new head office, or a restructuration, anyway it will say to anyone watching your building what are your values and how committed you are to the future. Saving city energy today is good business practise. But showing that you can produce energy for the city , now that is real branding investment. There are already a few example of those energy wise buildings in the world, don't miss the step to be ahead of your time. With P O S I T I V A R C H I plan today the power tower of tomorrow, where enjoying luxury won't mean wasting precious energy.

 energy positive tower   

Elithis tower, Dijon, France. Completed 2009 JM Charpentier.  

energy positive building

LEN, La Rochelle, France. Completed 2011.

Not everybody can or choose to live in an isolated self sufficient house...And cities can in fact be a good thing for the envirronnement as they shelter humans on greater density, sparing some land for natural ecosystem. P O S I T I V A R C H I wants to show that cities can work with nature, how the proud facades of our skyscraper can produce green energy for the whole neighbourhood. The roof of our buildings can catch and store precious rainwater, our lifts can feed back the system by their movement, everyone can make a change.