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P O S I T I V A R C H I  gives you the opportunity to work with architects sharing your ethics and commited to sustainable eco friendly quality.

Gwenaëlle Verrier

Professional architect in her thirties, she is founder and director of P O S I T I V A R C H I. Her international experience and strong environmental conviction give her a fine understanding of your expectation and a surprising ability to unfold your vision. From 2005 to 2010, she worked in leading architecture companies, from Strasbourg, France to Johannesburg, South Africa and developed a wide range of project as designer or project architect. From her education in architecture at the ENSAS, achieved with Cum Laude DPLG (architect diploma delivered by the French government), she brings in a solid background in urban design and green buiding. Her urban project of positive energy facilities for Johannesburg, MoByJo, has been included in the City spatial development framework (SDF) and serves as an example for iconic green building.

Non exhaustive list of projects:

power tower in johannesburgsandton alice lane towershead office projectrestructurationpark terras, parktownstandard bank projectrosebank hotel refurb7 stars hotel quissangualuxury hotel muaritania

With Paragon architects: -45 Wierda business hub, Sandton, 1st phase 10 000 sqm. Project architect: design, presentation & consultant's meetings.-SAA call center, Parktown, completed 2010. Project architect: refurbishment drawings, site meeting & supervision, handover.-UNISA post graduate & business campus, Pretoria. Project architect: urban design development & phasing. -15 Alice lane towers, Sandton, 20 000sqm, completed 2010. Presentation & working models.-25 Wellington, Parktown, 10 000sqm. Project architect: restructuration, design development, presentation, costing, council drawings. -Park Terras, Parktown, office, renewal,completed 2009. Details drawings, site meeting. With DSA architects: -The Rosebank Hotel, Parktown, completed 2008. Refurbishment: details & construction drawings.-7 stars hotel, Quissangua island, Mozambique. Sketch design & presentation.-5 stars hotel, Mauritania. Sketch design & presentation. With GLH architects:-phase 2 business center, Gaborone, Botswana,completed 2007. Construction drawings.-The Bluff urban development, Durban. Sketch design & presentation.-Fort Wynward site & museum rejuvenation, Cape Town. Sketch design & presentation.-Art workshop for physically challenged, Germinston. Sketch design. With Tekton architects: -Wilson new TGV station parkade competition, Strasbourg, France.  Sketch design.-New head offices, Douala, Cameroon. Sketch design. Private work and studies:-MoByJo, urban design, transport & architecture: multimodal facilities for Johannesburg.-urban park project, Marostica (Italy) with Venice Strasbourg & Marseille schools of architecture.-industrial renewal: Dali museum in an old brewery, Mutzig.-staging/ museum setting: Shakespeare’s festival “la gare basse” Strasbourg. -cross border urban planning: Kehl-Strasbourg, 3 times avenue.-a new primary school in Strasbourg historic patrimony, with Dresden architecture faculty.-high density residential complex,Strasbourg.