energy positive architecture

Energy positive architecture

P O S I T I V A R C H I   because architecture has to be set on concrete facts, and has to be pragmatic regarding construction and management. This is the first meaning of "positive". But architecture should also be dreamed, otherwise we would still live in caves. And to make dream happen, one shall have the strength to believe in its vision and find solution. This is the second meaning of "positive". Nowadays architecture must care for you as well as for the environment, and can do so producing more energy than it uses. 

This is  P O S I T I V A R C H I meaning.

energy positive building, johannesburga self sufficient house in the californian deserta french farm with roof covered in pv cells provides power for the whole villageactive house, Koreaa public center built in wood and pv cells, austriaenergy positive house, Francean eco-friendly house integrated with vegetal roof to its landscapeenergy positive office building with pv cells and wind turbine

P O S I T I V A R C H I  is here to take your architectural project a step further. Developing a new building for you is not only about delivering pleasant and efficient design, but also ensuring that it will last and sustain your need. Your architectural project can be the host of green and safe technology providing reliable renewable energy, thus paying back for your investment and setting you free from the grid. P O S I T I V A R C H I  comprehensive design is set on those targets from the first lines, sketching together your architectural project. 


self-sufficient sustainable architecture + power generating urban design + green energy positive building